Principal Investigator

James Short

CREB Program Administrator
ARL Collaborative Agreement

Steering Committee

Chunsheng Wang CREB Director ChBE Professor

Chunsheng Wang

Professor, University of Maryland
Director, Center for Research in Extreme Batteries

Eric Wachsman

Professor, University of Maryland
Director, Maryland Energy Innovation Institute
Wesley Henderson ARL

Wesley Henderson

Senior Scientist
Army Research Laboratory

Kang Xu

Fellow, Team Leader & Senior Chemist
Army Research Laboratory
Bill Acker NY Battery and Energy Consortium

William Acker

Executive Director
New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium
Argonne National Lab

Khalil Amine

Fellow, Senior Materials Scientists
Argonne National Laboratory
Joseph Dura NIST

Joseph Dura

National Institute of Science & Technology

David Jacobson

Physicist, Team Leader
National Institute of Standards & Technology
Picture of Esther Takeuchi

Esther Takeuchi

Professor, Stony Brook University
Chief Scientist, Brookhaven National Laboratory
M. Stanley Whittingham

M. Stanley Whittingham

2019 Nobel Prize Winner, Chemistry
Professor, Binghamton University

Cynthia Lundgren

Army Research Laboratory