Theme:  Research updates from continuing investigators on the Army Research Laboratory Extreme Battery Cooperative Agreement.


When:  Wednesday, May 8, 2024 from 9:00am until 5:30pm

Where:  A. James Clark Hall Forum, 8278 Paint Branch Dr, College Park, MD 20742.

Cost: Lunch & afternoon break service will be provided for all who register by Noon (EDT) on May 6, 2024.  Late registrants may dine at on-campus (IDEA Factory, Stamp Student Union, or Iribe Cafe) or at one of the Baltimore Avenue (Route 1) restaurants a short walk from campus.

Registration:  CLOSED

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Program Agenda:

9:45  Dr. Marshall Schroeder, Army Research Laboratory & CREB Steering Committee Member & Dr. Meredith Reed, Army Research Laboratory

10:00 Session: High Energy Cathodes, Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham, Session Leader

10:05 Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham, Pushing Li-Ion Cathode Materials to their Limits, University of Binghamton

10:25 Dr. Arumugam Manthiram, Impact of Electrolytes and Chemical Crossover in Lithium-ion Cells Composed of Silicon-graphite Anodes, University of Texas at Austin

10:45 Dr. Esther Takeuchi, Elucidating Ni-Rich Cathode Aging Mechanisms Under Extreme Fast Charging Protocols, Brookhaven National Laboratory

11:05 Dr. Xilin Chen, BB2590 Batteries with LiVPO 4 F cathode, Saft America

11:25 Dr. David Jacobson, Develop New Standards to Properly Define Battery Resolution and Sensitivity Limits/Standards for Lithium Detection Using Neutron/X-Ray Imaging, National Institute of Standards and Technology

11:45  Catered Lunch

1:05  Session:  Advanced Safe ElectrolyteDr. Eric Wachsman, Session Leader, University of Maryland

1:10  Dr. Gregory Hitz,  Improving Manufacture & Performance of Electrolytes , Ion Storage Systems

1:30  Dr. Peter Kofinas, Preparation and Characterization of Aqueous Solid Polymer Electrolytes, University of Maryland

1:50 Dr. Peter Kofinas & Dr. Paul Albertus, Extreme Low Temperature Electrolytes, University of Maryland

2:10  Dr. Paul Albertus, Quantitative Thermal Behavior of Advanced Electrolyte Cells, University of Maryland

2:30 Dr. Saya Takeuchi, XPS investigations of solid electrolyte/liquid electrolyte interface, National Institute of Standards and Technology & University of Maryland

2:50 Dr. Chunsheng Wang, Low-temperature electrolytes for Li-ion and Zn-ion batteries, University of Maryland

3:10  Afternoon Break

3:50  Dr. Eric Wachsman, Achieving Extreme High Ion-Current Densities in Tailored Solid-State Materials, Structures, and Interfaces; and Potential for Low Temperature Operation, University of Maryland

4:10  Dr. Yifei Mo, Computation design and discovery of materials for next-generation batteries, University of Maryland

4:30  Session:  Silicon AnodesRob Anstey, JD, Session Leader, Graphenix Development Inc.

4:35 Mr. Rob Anstey, Integration of GDI’s and Other Teams’ Year 1 Progress into a 100% Porous Silicon Anode-Based Pouch Cell with Extreme High Energy, Fast Charging, and Safety, Graphenix Development Inc.

4:55  Dr. Amy Marschilok, Probing Thermal Stability of Silicon and Graphite Anodes with Electrolyte Using Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Stony Brook University 

5:15  Dr. Nicholas Stadie, Chemical Doping as a Strategy to Improve Cyclability and Safety of Silicon Anodes, Montana State University

5:35  Closing Remarks, Dr. Henderson & Dr. Schroeder, Army Research Laboratory & Members of CREB Steering Committee

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  • Extreme Low Temperature Electrolytes, Dr. Peter Kofinas & Dr. Paul Albertus, University of Maryland
  • Preparation and Characterization of Aqueous Solid Polymer Electrolytes, Dr. Peter Kofinas, University of Maryland
  • Quantitative Thermal Behavior of Advanced Electrolyte Cells, Dr. Paul Albertus, University of Maryland