Tuesday, April 25, 2017

We will hold our Spring meeting at the University of Maryland in College Park. The UMERC (University of Maryland Energy Research Center) will hold a joint workshop the same day. Plenary sessions will include both CREB and other participants, while the breakout sessions will run in parallel. A student poster session will occur after the afternoon session, highlighting innovative battery research. 


Morning Session, Kay Boardrooms
9:00AM Welcome Address
Darryll Pines, Dean of Engineering College
9:05 AM Workshop Overview
Dr. Eric Wachsman, Director of UMERC
9:15AM Opening: Delegate
Marc Korman
9:30AM Keynote: ARPA-E energy Research Program
Dr. Ellen Williams
Former ARPA-e Director
10:05AM Keynote: DoE EERE Energy Research Program
Steven Chalk
Acting Assistant Secretary in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)
10:40 AM Morning Break
11:00AM DoD Energy Research
Edward Shaffer
Chief, Energy & Power Division, ARL
11:30 Am Battery R &D in Saft
Dr. Kamen Nechev
CTO at Saft
12:00 PM APL Energy Research
Jeffrey P. Maranchi
Program Manager Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
12:30AM Lunch
Afternoon Session, CREB Track, Pepco Room
CREB Attendees have the option to attend the UMERC Engineering Sustainability Workshop session talks as well.
1:30 PM Imaging all-solid-state batteries at extreme temperatures
Marina Leite
Assistant Professor, MSE, UMCP
2:00 PM Interfacial structure characterization of water-in-salt electrolyte for high energy aqueous batteries
Oleg Borodin
Senior Scientist at ARL
2:30 PM Neutron Probe Study of Lithium Metal Anode in Garnet Based Solid-State Li-S Batteries
Liangbing Hu
Associate Professor, MSE, UMCP
3:00 PM Materials Design For Novel Borohydride-based Li+ and Na+ Electrolytes for Solid-State Batteries
Yifei Mo
Associate Professor, MSE UMD
3:30 PM Student Poster Contest and Reception