Tuesday, December 12, 2017
University of Maryland, Stamp Student Union

Biomedical Batteries Workshop

Batteries have been essential components of medical devices, delivering life-sustaining and even life-saving therapies. They play a critical role in dictating the safety, performance, and reliability of many medical devices. The rapid growth of medical devices requires high-performance batteries, and recent advances in battery safety, energy/power density, and reliability provide new opportunities to significantly enhance medical devices’ capabilities. However, there is insufficient communication between the battery and medical-device communities — impeding the timely transition of advanced battery technology into medical devices. In addition, medical devices have unique requirements for batteries such as impeccable reliability, absolute safety and low self-discharge, presenting new challenges to battery researchers.  


10:00 am


Darryll J. Pines
Dean, A. James Clark School of Engineering
University of Maryland

10:10 am


Chunsheng Wang
UMD Director, Center for Resarch in Extreme Batteries

Cynthia Lundgren
Session Chairperson
ARL Director, Center for Research in Extreme Batteries

10:15 am

US Food and Drug Administration

Capt. Brian Lewis
Medical Officer, Office of Device Evaluation

10:40 am Iacovos Dyprianou
Senior Science Health Officer
Center for Devices & Radiology Health
11:05 am

National Institutes of Health

Albert Lee
Director, Advanced Technologies & Surgery

11:35 am

Department of Energy - ARPA-E

Paul Albertus
Program Director

12:05 pm


1:30 pm Amy Marschilok
Research Professor
Stony Brook University
2:00 pm Gary Rubloff
Director, EFRC NEES
University of Maryland
2:30 pm

National Science Foundation

Michele J. Grimm
Director, Engineering of Biomedical Systems

3:00 pm

Medtronic Battery Center of Excellence

Gaurav Jain
Senior Manager & Technical Fellow

3:15 pm Hui Ye
Senior Principal Scientist
3:30 pm


Eric D. Wachsman
Director, Maryland Energy Innovation Institute

4:00 pm


  William E. Bentley
Director, Robert E. Fischell Institute for Biomedical Devices
University of Maryland


Dr. Robert E. Fischell
Professor of Practice
Fischell Dept. of Bioeng. & Dept. of Mechanical Engr.
University of Maryland

"Evolution of Batteries for Implanted Devices"