UMD-ARL Collaborative Success Story

A University of Maryland and Army Research Laboratory joint venture has shown early success in their reseach collaboration efforts in advancing energy storage under extreme conditions.  This joint project has led to a promising result of utilizing a salt-water based electrolyte to mitigate the dangers of traditional flammable organic electrolytes.  Battery stability is increasingly a concern given the extreme conditions these batteries are expected to orperate.  This work was performed by the research groups from two CREB steering committee members, Chunsheng Wang and Kang Xu.

UMD-ARL Joint Project: Aqueous Electrolyte with Wide Echem Stability Window

“Water-in-salt” electrolyte enables high-voltage aqueous lithium-ion chemistries
Liumin Suo, Oleg Borodin, Tao Gao, Marco Olguin, Janet Ho, Xiulin Fan, Chao Luo, Chunsheng Wang, and Kang Xu
Science 20 November 2015: 350 (6263), 938-943. [DOI:10.1126/science.aab1595]
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Published December 1, 2015