Intended for groups of scientists in academic institutions and federal research laboratories.  In kind contributions are limited to man hours, facility usage, and materials provided by a consortium member with a value based on organizational policies and rates (e.g., ARL, NIST, ANL, BNL, ORNL, PNNL, NRL, NSWCCD, JPL).


  • Identified as member organization in CREB web site and promotional materials
  • Inclusion of up to 15 employees in CREB membership list
  • Admission to semi-annual CREB member meetings for those 15 employees
  • Access to CREB Consortium Member facilities in accordance with applicable policies
  • Opportunity to participate in CREB collaborations
  • Awareness of opportunities to identify and jointly pursue alternative revenue streams in accordance with consortium member organization applicable policies
  • Non-commercial, non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free license (“NERF”) to use CREB Consortium IP for internal use, which does not include use for products or services intended for commercial purposes. Each Member reserves the right to license its interest in its Sole Inventions or Joint Inventions for commercial purposes, with CREB Consortium Members having right of first refusal for any commercial licensing. If a Member desires to exclusively license its Sole Invention, it shall provide notice to all Consortium Members and agree to negotiate in good faith with the first Member to request an exclusive license.
  • Opportunity to receive funding from CREB Consortium sponsored research
1 years