CREB Biannual Winter Meeting, Senators Van Hollen & Daines to Speak

Friday, January 15, 2021
1:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.
Virtual/Via Zoom


Our special guests will be Senator Chris Van Hollen of Maryland & Senator Steve Daines of Montana.

1:00 to 5:30 Eastern Standard Time, Friday, January 15, 2021

Theme:  Commercializing Battery R&D & Getting COTS Cells in DoD Batteries


1:00—Welcome:  Professors Eric Wachsman & Chunsheng Wang

          CREB Overview, DoD Batteries from the past to the present to the future

1:10—President Darryll Pines, University of Maryland, College Park

1:15—Senator Chris Van Hollen of Maryland

1:25—Senator Steve Daines of Montana  

1:30—Dr. Keith Krapels, Director, Sensors and Electron Devices Directorate, Army Research Laboratory

1:35—Set the Stage for Batteries:  Dr. Ashley Ruth, Army C5ISR Power Division

          Challenges to Army & DoD batteries                         

R&D Observations:

2:05—Dr. Khalil Amine, Fellow, Argonne National Laboratory

2:35—Professor Arumugam Manthiram, University of Texas at Austin


3:15—Panel:  Innovating new cell technology to meet DoD’s extreme performance needs

                      Moderator:  Mr. Cory Goetz, Chief, Technical Management Division, Program Executive Office for Combat Support & Combat Service Support (CS&CSS).  

            Dr. Ionel Stefan, Amprius, Chief Technical Officer

            Dr. Jiang Fan, American Lithium Energy, President

            Dr. Qichao Hu, Solid Energy Systems, Founder

            Dr. Bruno Vanzieleghem, Cuberg, Technical Sales Engineer

            Dr. Greg Hitz, Ion Storage Systems

3:55—Panel:  Lessons learned in transitioning advanced COTS cell technology to DoD battery packs

                   Moderator:  Matt Hutchens, Defense Logistics Agency, R&D Program Manager

            Kyle Roelofs, Bren-Tronics, Vice President Business Development

            Tom Greszler, Saft America, Cell Development R&D Manager

            Mike Manna, UltraLife, President & Energy Products

            Chris Turner, Inventus Power, Chief Technical Officer

4:35—DoD Battery Certification/Safety:  Dr. Daphne Fuentevilla, U.S. Navy Operational Energy

5:05—Closing discussions & CREB into the future:  ALL


About our Speakers

Dr. Darryll J. Pines serves as president of the University of Maryland and Glenn L. Martin Professor of Aerospace Engineering.  Formerly the Nariman Farvardin Professor of Engineering and dean of UMD’s A. James Clark School of Engineering, where he has been on the faculty since 1995, Pines amassed a record of academic leadership and research accomplishments that have dramatically elevated the school’s rankings and stature nationally and internationally.  

Senator Chris Van Hollen has served the people of Maryland since 1991.  He became a United States Senator on January 3, 2017.  He served as the U.S. Representative for Maryland's 8th congressional district from 2003 to 2017.  He served in the Maryland General Assembly in both the State Senate (1995-2003) and House of Delegates (1991-1995).

Senator Steve Daines was elected as Montana's U.S. Reprentative in 2012, elected to the Senate in 2014, and reelected in 2020.  He grew up in Bozeman and is a chemical engineering graduate of Montana State University.  Prior to his public service, he was a Proctor & Gamble engineer.  In 2000, he became Vice President of RightNow Technologies in Bozeman.

Dr. Keith Krapels is Director of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory's Sensors and Electron Devices Directorate.  He is responsible for basic and applied research in sensors, electron devices, and power and energy to ensure U.S. military superiority.  SEDD research provides the Army with affordable enabling technology for batteries and much more.

Dr. Ashley Ruth is a chemical engineer in the Tactical Power Branch/Power Division at the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C5ISR) Center.   In 2019, she received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, the highest award bestowed by the U.S. government to outstanding early career scientists and engineers.

Dr. Khalil Amine is a materials scientist at the Department of Energy Argonne National Laboratory.  He leads the Advanced Lithium Battery Technology group.  He is an Argonne Distinguished Fellow.  In 2019, he was awarded the Global Energy Prize.  Awarded by the non-profit Global Energy Association, the prize recognizes outstanding scientific innovations and solutions in global energy research and its concurrent environmental challenges.

Dr. Arumugam (Ram) Manthiram is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin.  He is the Director of the Texas Materials Institute.  His research focus is on design and development of affordable, efficient, durable materials for electrochemical energy conversion and storage.   In 2019, he received the International Battery Materials Association Research Award for advances in electrochemical energy conversion and storage research.

Mr. Cory Goetz is Chief, Technical Management Division for Project Manager Expeditionary Energy & Sustainment Systems within the Army’s Program Executive Office for Combat Support & Combat Service Support.  He is responsible for integrated, scalable, and affordable expeditionary energy, force sustainment, and contingency basing capabilities  He supports acquisition efforts to develop, procure, and field tactical power and combat support systems for warfighters. 

Dr. Ionel Stefan is the Chief Technical Officer of Amprius, Inc.  He joined Amprius shortly after it incorporation in 2009 and now leads the company’s scientific research and development activities advancing lithium cell performance.  He is in charge of silicon nanowire electrochemistry, cell technology -- including material design, cell design and engineering -- and product development.

Dr. Jiang Fan is the 2006 founder and Chief Executive Officer of American Lithium Energy Corporation.  He has developed advanced lithium-ion products for both military and commercial use.  He is also the Chief Technology Officer of Amionx, a spinout from ALE trying to make safer batteries.

Dr. Qichao Hu is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of SolidEnergy Systems.  He wants to develop battery materials for consumer electronics and electric vehicles.  Now in development is a liquid electrolyte.  Its function is to reduce the formation of dendrites, in order to reduce the risk of fires in rechargeable solid lithium metal batteries.

Dr. Bruno Vanzieleghem is the Technical Sales Engineer for Cuberg.  He is the customer advocate, nurturing trusting partnerships between customers and Cuberg.  A current focus is batteries for electric aircraft.  His company is developing lithium-metal batteries to deliver longer flight times relative to a lithium-ion powered aircraft.

Dr. Greg Hitz is the Chief Technology Officer of Ion Storage Systems. Greg led the development of the multilayer garnet structure and co-founded Ion Storage Systems. He is responsible for the company’s technology roadmap, development of intellectual property, and transition from lab research to manufacturing operations.

Mr. Matt Hutchens leads the battery network (BATTNET) research program at the Defense Logistics Agency.  He has a record of moving fundamental battery research into advanced technology demonstrations of lower cost and higher performing batteries.  He has enabled DLA to provide safe, long shelf life batteries at reduced life-cycle cost and operational cost

Mr. Kyle Roelofs is VP of Business Development of Bren-Tronics, Inc.  During his 16+ years has worked closely with the warfighter to help develop and manufacture power and energy products.  All are made in the U.S. including the ubiquitous BB-2590/U battery.  They recently delivered the first MIL-PRF 32565B Compliant 6T batteries to CCDC GVSC and are working closely with the U.S. Army on the next generation Conformal Wearable Battery (CWB) for the IVAS system. 

Mr. Tom Greszlers Cell Development Manager for Saft North America.  His team develops advanced chemistry and cell designs for many markets including DOD, space, and high performance racing. The group specializes in systems that meet the most demanding customer’s needs including ultra-high power, extreme temperatures, and long life.

Mr. Mike Manna is President for Battery and Energy Products at Ultralife Corporation.  Ultralife provides the military with batteries that remain stable under the extreme conditions characteristic of military logistics and can withstand harsh combat environments.  Their non-rechargeable military batteries are used in manpack & survival radios, night vision & targeting devices, chemical agent monitors, and thermal imaging equipment.

Mr. Chris Turner is Chief Technical Officer of Inventus Power.  He has been developing and integrating new technology into battery products and systems for more than 20 years.  Inventus develops safe technologies for cells, standard battery packs, and custom battery packs including lithium, lithium-ion, NiMH, NiCad, solid-state and sealed lead-acid batteries.

Dr. Daphne Fuentevilla is the Deputy Director for Operational Energy, Department of Navy, and former acting Director for Ground & Sea Platforms, Office of the Secretary of Defense for Research & Engineering. Her lithium battery, power systems, and battery safety expertise as a research lead at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division serves the Navy and Marine Corps operational energy community as well as other federal agency and international partners.

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