Sponsoring Agency Participation

Intended for government agencies (e.g., ONR, AFOSR, NASA, NIH) interested in sponsoring CREB Consortium research.


  • Identified as Sponsor Federal Agency in CREB web site and promotional materials
  • Inclusion of Sponsor representatives in CREB membership list
  • Free admission for Sponsor representatives to semi-annual CREB member meetings
  • Access to CREB Consortium Member facilities in accordance with applicable policies
  • Opportunity to participate in CREB collaborations
  • Awareness of opportunities to identify and jointly pursue alternative revenue streams in accordance with consortium member organization applicable policies
  • Access to expertise of CREB Consortium battery researchers
  • NERF for government purpose
  • Additional funding above initial $20,000 fee can target a specific area of research solicitation or activity such as workshops etc.
  • If total contributions exceed $80,000 the following additional benefits ensue.
    • Participation in the CREB Consortium Advisory Board to set direction


1 years