The Future of Munitions Batteries Workshop

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
US Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, MD

Munitions batteries are here defined broadly to include batteries for gun-fired munitions, rockets, missiles, bombs, mines, and other exploding devices that are used for one-shot, non-maintainable, always-ready applications, roles that have traditionally been filled by reserve batteries. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together scientists, technologists, program managers, system designers, and users from government agencies, research labs, private companies, universities, and program offices to understand, exchange information on, and discuss the present, the past, and the future of munitions batteries to bring about a new vision and new pathways for munitions battery technologies going forward. As this workshop is really about the future, we seek to bring together people not only from the traditional technology area, but also from other fields such as active batteries, computer modeling, novel materials, non-conventional energy sources, and system designers. The meeting information is as follows:

The Future of Munitions Batteries Workshop
December 7-8, 2016
US Army Research Laboratory
Adelphi, MD

Download the Full Agenda here: Munitions Batteries Workshop Agenda

View or Download the Presentations:

Cindy Lundgren, ARL  – Welcome and Introduction to CREB

Michael Ding, ARL – Munitions Batteries: Basics, Requirements, and Challenges & Developing Thin-Film Thermal Batteries and Heat Source Materials

Jeff Swank, ARL – Liquid Reserve Fuze Batteries: Trying to Move Beyond the Status Quo

Scott Roberts, SNL – Multiphysics modeling of thermal batteries at Sandia

Ofer Raz, Rafael – Advances in R&D and Production of Thermal Batteries

Dharmesh Bhakta, Eagle Pitcher – Battery Technologies for Munitions

Paul Schisselbauer, EnerSys – Advanced Munitions Batteries

Guy Chagnon, ATB – Munitions Batteries: Taking Stock

Paul Butler, OSD-JMP – The Munitions Power Maze: OSD, JMP, JFTP, and More

Tony Pergolizzi, Army-ARDEC – TCG-V and the Newly Identified Munitions Power Gaps

Sam Stuart, Navy-Crane – Progression of Missile Battery Technology and Where it is Headed

Karen Amabile, Army-ARDEC – Power Requirements for Munitions: Present and Future

Jeff Read, ARL – Using Active Batteries for Munitions Applications

Matt Wendling, Energizer – Active Battery Technologies for Munitions Applications

Steve Shantz, MaxPower – Organic-Based R/T Liquid Reserve Technologies

Bruce Geil, Army-ARL – Inside the Box: An Outside the Box Look at Power Requirements for New Concepts

Guisseppe Di Benedetto, Army-ARDEC – Nanomaterials and Additive Manufacturing for Munitions Power Sources

Nick Leventis, Missouri U of Sci & Tech – Aerogel-Wise: Making Novel Heat Source Materials for Thermal Batteries

Jay Rastegar, OmniTek – Hooked on Munitions Power: Mini-Inertial Igniters, Piezo-Energy-Harvesters, and More