2016 Meeting of the Center for Research in Extreme Batteries

Annual Meeting of the Center for Research in Extreme Batteries
May 24th, 2016
Riggs Alumni Center
University of Maryland, College Park

This meeting aims to expand CREB’s presence and membership, bringing together industry partners with leading academic and government researchers. In addition to talks from each of the founding partners (UMD, NIST, and ARL), the awardees of the Research & Innovation Seed Grant Program will also present their projects (more information).  During this meeting, attendees and stakeholders will have the opportunity to discuss their membership in the CREB consortium.

A student poster session will occur during lunch, highlighting innovative battery research.  If you wish to have your poster included in this session, please email info_energy@umd.edu. Include the title, authors, and a brief abstract.


7:30a – 8:30a — Registration & Breakfast

8:30a – 8:35a — Welcome

— Dr. Chunsheng Wang, UMD Director, CREB

8:35a – 8:40a — Opening Remarks
— Dr. Robert Briber, Associate Dean for Research, UMD

8:40a – 8:50a — Opening Remarks
— Dr. Patrick O’Shea, Vice President & Chief Research Officer, UMD

8:50a – 9:10a  — State of CREB
— Dr. Cynthia Lundgren, CREB Steering Committee, Electrochemistry Branch chief, Army Research Lab

9:10a – 9:40a — DOE ARPA-E Battery Program
— Dr. Grigorii Soloveichik & Dr. Paul Albertus, Program Directors, DOE ARPA-E Battery Program

9:40a – 19:00a — NIH Battery Program
— Dr. Albert Lee, Program Director, Advanced Technologies & Surgery, NIH

10:00a – 10:15a  — Coffee Break

Session Chair: Dr. David Jacobson, NIST

10:15a – 10:35a  –– NASA’s Battery Need
—  Thomas Y. Yi, Head, Power Systems Branch, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

10:35a – 10:55a  — DOD’s Battery Needs
— Dr. Edward Shaffer, Chief, Energy & Power Division, Army Research LAb

10:55a – 11:15a — Lockheed Martin’s Battery Needs
— Dr. Steven Sinsabaugh, Lockheed Martin Fellow

11:15a – 11:35a — UMD  Battery Research
—  Dr. Chunsheng Wang, UMD Director, CREB

11:35a – 11:55a — ARL Battery Research
—  Dr. Jeff Read

11:55a – 12:15p  — NIST Battery Research
—  Dr. Joseph Dura, NIST


12:05p – 2:00p  — Lunch & Poster Session

Session Chair: Dr. Cynthia Lundgren

2:00p – 2:20p  — Water in Salt Battery, ARL/UMD Battery Collaborative Research
— Dr. Kang Xu, ARL Fellow

2:20p – 2:40p  — Vulcanization for Enhanced Capacity Retention in Li-S Battery Systems
— Dr. Christopher L. Soles, NIST

2:40p – 3:00p  — All Solid State Batteries
— Dr. Eric Wachsman, Director, UMERC

3:00p – 3:20p  — Membership in CREB and CREB; Q&A with UMD lawyers and CREB steering committee members
—Dr. Eric Wachsman
— Felicia Metz, Esq., Sr. Intellectual Property Manager, Office of Technology Commercialization
— Brian Falasca, Contract Manager and Export Compliance Coordinator
— Monique Anderson, Assistant Director, Office of Research Administration

3:20p – 4:00p  — Working Coffee Break – Opportunity for One-on-One Membership Discussions

4:00p – 5:00p  — Seed Grant Awardee Presentations
— Imaging all-solid-state batteries at extreme temperatures — Dr. Marina Leite, UMD
— Neutron Probe Study of Lithium Metal Anode in Garnet Based Solid-State Li-S Batteries — Dr. Bing Hu, UMD
— Materials Design For Novel Borohydride-based Li+ and Na+ Electrolytes for Solid-State Batteries — Dr. Terrence J. Udovic, NIST
— Interfacial structure characterization of water-in-salt electrolyte for high energy aqueous batteries — Dr. Oleg Borodin, ARL